Custom Design

For the pleasure of wellness

Thanks to its elegant and innovative yet never excessive style, Edoné translates passion for design and constant search for quality into furnishing solutions that concretely give expression to the concepts of sustainability, attention to environmental impact and durability.

Grounded in the highest quality standards, Edoné distinguishes itself with its clear personality, thanks to its revolutionary approach to the concepts of modularity, use of the volumes, wide customization and complete design of the bathroom environment.

Edoné conceives bathroom design as a wellness experience: it is an environment where each detail is created to meet one’s needs and desires, allowing a full freedom of customization thanks to its extra-wide range of materials, finishes and accessories.

For Company philosophy

The careful look at the trends, the ability to catch and reinterpret the market’s requirements, the constant research for materials and the synergy between advanced technologies and craftsmanship know-how are the distinctive traits of Edoné and its production. These characteristics combine with the conception of the bathroom as an environment where each element is part of an atmosphere, of a wellness experience to be lived. The aim of communicating the true soul of the Company together with the degree of quality of its products plays a key role on Edoné’s vision: not only is the relationship with its commercial partners strong and direct, but it is also strengthened through visits to the showroom and master classes that are meant to provide the professionals with a precise vision of the brand, enabling them to consciously advise their final customers.

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