Wall and ceiling lamps

A collection of lighting fixtures with a modern design, supported by the exclusive installation system Edoné Genius System©. Design freedom and comfort combined in a solution that allows you to obtain, in any situation, a ceiling light point without intervention on the walls, thanks to the power supply positioned behind the bathroom mirror.

Designed to satisfy both stylistic and functional needs, these light systems are perfect for those looking for flexible solutions, which make it possible to make the most of the lighting design, essential to create that atmosphere of relaxation and well-being that — in our vision — every bathroom must bring with it.

Mirror lamps

Compact or full mirror, fixed or repositionable, to be applied individually or in pairs, in this category you will find a selection of lighting fixtures able to characterize with personality the part of lighting placed directly on the bathroom mirror. Fundamental for a correct and balanced management of the light points in the bathroom, the models we propose decline an interesting variety of shapes and thicknesses, capable of creating a feeling of fluidity or focus in the management of light, according to the most diverse design needs and narrative style of the bathroom space.

Wall lamps

Traditionally present among the solutions to illuminate the bathroom, wall lamps play a significant role in the overall performance of the final atmosphere. Installed in the right places, at heights calculated according to the result you want to achieve, wall lamps allow you to easily plan which areas to illuminate more and in which to leave a softer light. The wall lamps are perfect to enhance in a targeted way a detail of the furniture or a particular material or texture.

Ceiling lamps

Working on the perception of dimensions and perspectives is one of the most interesting challenges in the study phase of bathroom furniture. An accurate lighting design can significantly affect the result and should not neglect the weight of ceiling lamps and its role in creating continuity in the overall perception of space. Combined with the most scenic wall and mirror lamps, the ceiling light point is central for the harmonious rendering of the final atmosphere.

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