Attendances beyond expectations and the new centrality of the bathroom in furniture design

Great success for the novelties presented in the premiere and the trend – increasingly clear and popular – of a bathroom space evolving from a purely functional environment to a regenerative and wellness space.

Publication date: 24 Apr 2024
Topic: Events

Six days of non-stop networking, with attendance beyond expectations

“Challenging but more than satisfying, with stand attendance beyond all expectations and even more targeted and qualified contacts. Our presence at the Salone del Mobile,” says Luigi Fabrici, CEO Edoné, “is not only confirmed as an essential appointment, but is also characterised by an increasingly international approach, which is reflected in the quality of the visiting operators and traces an important reference map for new market geographies. We have indeed noted, also in our spaces, the significant increase in foreign delegations, in line with what the organisers of the event have declared.

We were delighted to note a new buzz from the German market, alongside confirmations from France and Spain and, in line with expectations, interest and attendance from the rest of the European market. The interest from the markets of the Americas, both the United States and Central and South America, is growing in concrete terms and incidentally. There were also important signals from the Middle and Far East. A factor common to all, the search for beauty, the desire for Made in Italy and the wish to find products with a precise history and identity”.

The bathroom increasingly an object of desire in everyday life

One of the great confirmations that has come out of this Furniture Fair is the ever-increasing centrality that the bathroom space has in the wishlist of comfort experiences that the end consumer – and by extension buyers and designers – seek for their living and relaxation spaces. “For us, it is riding on one of the foundations of our furnishing proposal: a bathroom conceived and designed to be an oasis of well-being and relaxation,” says Marco Bortolin, designer at Edoné. “For the first time, the Salone del Bagno occupied pavilions 6 and 10, establishing itself also in the physical space, with a central position in the great universe of furnishing design. What I saw as I moved among the stands of the 185 exhibitors present was a spread of that search for new aesthetic and design languages, which Edoné has always recounted and embodied. The bathroom space evolving from a purely functional environment to a regenerative and wellness space. An evolution in which conceptual boundaries that were previously considered insurmountable are falling: purely ‘living’ characteristics are now recognised not only in the search for continuity of aesthetic style, but also of forms, materials, and functions. Bath tubs that are also bookcases, bathroom furniture that becomes boiserie, and more and more solutions for storage, separation, and functional integration.”

Most popular previews

Excellent success for the new product innovations presented in the preview confirmed not only by the feedback received from visitors and the constant and uninterrupted flow of attendance at the stand, but also by the large number of shares on social media channels that we were able to detect. One of the innovations that most impressed the trade was the new Cheope texture, which embodies the timeless charm and elegance of wood in a single finish and marries it to the still-rising trend of canneted solutions, combined with the novel element of the triangle drawing. Focus on details, instead, for the new complements – a fundamental part in the connotation of that total look that for Edoné remains always central – capable of emphasising very different worlds and styles: the Tauro shelf fascinated for its concept linked to ancient cave paintings, as well as for the extreme functionality of the details that characterise it and for its versatility of installation. Playful and intriguing – on the other hand – is the approach to the new Tube and Neon lighting bodies. The undisputed protagonist – finally – is the new Atena collection, whose narrative embodies a design that is the revenge of agility over impressiveness, in a new and fascinating interpretation of modularity.

Major confirmations

‘Where experience evolves’ was the great theme of this 2024 edition of the fair and we have incarnated it by giving new personality to some of the creations that were most loved in the previous edition. Because doing quality design also means this: creating proposals with a winning logic, capable of evolving, changing, reinventing itself. As in the case of Hexis Consolle, which embodies with an absolutely unique and new personality the evolution of the Hexis integrated top concept, presented in 2022. Another great confirmation of the powerful design versatility of Calipso, which we have presented here in the Squared version, combined with the new Cheope texture, and enhanced by the hypnotic charm of the Eclissi mirror, in its full version with a diameter of 190. Always popular is Minerva, our system dedicated to laundry rooms, capable of modulating functional solutions in both large and small bathrooms.

Six intense, challenging but decidedly fruitful days in which market trends confirmed the centrality – increasingly widespread – of conceiving bathroom spaces as crucial in defining the pursuit of quality of life, and an approach – in line with our sentiment – that sees the bathroom move away from its simple functional role to become more and more a small domestic spa.

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