With Marco Bortolin, within the logics of the new Edoné 2024 designs

The aesthetic vision, the shapes, the materials: Edoné's Art Director guides us to discover the emerging needs and trends that form the basis of the previews designed for the Salone del Mobile 2024.

Publication date: 22 May 2024
Topic: Inspirations

Beauty, yes, but as a response to precise demand trends

This 2024 Salone has clearly highlighted a trend that has been taking shape for some time: the market is aligning around a spectrum that operates on pathways with essentially opposite value references. On one side, there is a demand for very high-end products that increasingly focus on bespoke design, with strong customization of finishes and solutions. On the other hand, in contrast, there is a demand for smart solutions, ready to use, that can be placed in almost any context, with a more standardized perspective.

The challenge we wanted to tackle with the previews presented was, on one hand, to expand our high-end offerings, working on materials and new complements capable of delivering tailor-made solutions, in close dialogue with the designer. On the other hand, to push the quality and design agility to the maximum, even for “ready-to-use” proposals, without ever sacrificing the attention to refined taste that has always characterized us.

More and more Living Bath: a desire for immersive sensations

Without a doubt, one of the concepts that has proven to be increasingly significant, when discussing more structural solutions, is that of the Living Bathroom. In contrast to an outdated notion of the bathroom as a purely functional space, the Living Bathroom integrates elements of comfort, relaxation, and wellness, extending its narrative to the immediately adjacent areas. The project becomes more transversal and extends to what we can define as mixed spaces, such as the connecting areas with bedrooms or walk-in closets. Consequently, storage furniture becomes larger, transforming into boiserie or wall-to-wall units, spreading across multiple walls, both within and adjacent to the bathroom space.

In the latest Salone, we presented some equipped walls to highlight our Living Bath proposals, but this approach to conceiving the total look has been ours for some time. Our Minerva project was a precursor in this regard. Minerva was created as Edoné’s response to the need for equipping laundry spaces. Those familiar with it know well that it has never been a mere series of containers simply placed next to each other: we have always conceived it as a frame product, built directly based on the project, to be customized with a wide range of accessories to meet specific needs, with great attention to practicality and ergonomics, as well as an appropriate level of aesthetics.

Accessories and project foresight: the details matter more and more

In this perspective, where intervention spaces are expanding, it would have been shortsighted to focus our efforts solely on storage furniture. Those who choose you because they have fallen in love with the mood you propose expect to find suggestions for the other elements that allow for designing a complete bathroom look. It is a healthy choice to strengthen the comprehensive presence of our brand, but it is also a way to simplify the work of the designer, who can find everything in a single catalog.

Driven by this awareness, we have invested heavily in the study and realization of many accessory proposals. They are versatile, almost all customizable, and often offer more than one mounting option: after all, this is what needs to be offered if one wants to talk about bespoke solutions. It is important that those who choose Edoné can always rely not only on the quality of our proposals but also on the pleasure of having a perfectly customized solution. Speaking a bit about style trends, there is a significant return of appreciation for substantial thicknesses, rounded shapes, colors always linked to natural palettes, often expressed in saturated colors: the new washbasins we have presented fully express this line.

There is also a new fascination with design inspired by the Seventies and Eighties: for instance, we have interpreted it in the two new lighting proposals we have presented.

Another concept that is highly requested and appreciated is the idea of the "multi": now, those looking for high-end solutions no longer want minimalism. Thus, discovering different details or functions within the same product becomes an essential must: you can see an example of this in the new Tauro shelf. It can be installed in three different ways, serves as a support point but also as a light source, and, depending on how it is customized, can even act as a towel holder.

Always on the side of the designer

The designer is our first and foremost interlocutor, and by considering the practical aspects of design, we have paid even more attention to the flexibility of use of our new creations. We have placed a design focus, which we hope will be appreciated, on the most common modification requests that professionals are likely to encounter. To some extent, we have standardized and cataloged the unexpected, coming out with previews that already offer a wide range of different applications.

This applies not only to accessories and complements but also, for example, to the new Athena Collection. Athena, besides embodying the new trends we mentioned earlier, is characterized by a basic modularity that is inherently contained, especially when compared to our other models. However, we have structured it around a project concept that allows, with a few strategic adjustments, to transition from a single unit perfect for smaller bathrooms to a scenic double sink installation.

Perhaps, in conclusion, we could say that the concept that most characterizes the previews we have presented at this 2024 Salone del Mobile is the triumph of versatility over grandeur. Truly here, it is the details that position our solutions on one side or the other of the spectrum we discussed at the beginning.

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