Bathroom Lighting: New Designs and Mounting Systems

Two new lamps and fastening systems offer greater freedom of installation, providing flexibility during the design phase

Publication date: 21 Feb 2023
Topic: Inspirations

A well-designed lighting scheme significantly influences the final atmosphere of a space. Working on the perception of dimensions and perspectives is one of the most interesting challenges in bathroom furniture design. Therefore, Edoné, in designing its collections, always reserves special attention to the development of lighting fixtures that can enhance the unique features of furniture and environments.

Kahlo Lamp: Magnetic Mounting, No Need to Drill the Mirror

One of the 2023 novelties designed to emphasize and maintain continuity with the Hexis collection concept. In perfect harmony with the collection, Kahlo is a mirror lamp that brings an essential design and high functionality but, most importantly, features a unique magnetic mounting solution.

The light fixture is designed to be installed using a system of magnets positioned on the back of the mirror. Thanks to this solution, Kahlo has no preset mounting constraints, and since the mirror is not drilled, it offers great flexibility in interpreting the needs of each project and allows for repositioning or replacement over time.

Kahlo is available in two sizes: 73.5 cm and 116.5 cm.

Rivera Lamp: Wall Mounting with Freedom

The other 2023 novelty, presented as a preview at the 2022 Salone del Mobile and now available in the catalogue, was created to complement the Calipso furniture project. Rivera is a bar lamp with wall mounting that recovers positioning freedom thanks to the choice of leaving the power cable visible, treating it as an integral element of the lamp's design. This way, depending on stylistic needs, Rivera can be positioned freely. The final lighting effect of Rivera varies significantly depending on the surface it is positioned on. For example, it is perfect, with its wall grazing light, to enhance areas with special textures or where extreme emphasis is sought on everything positioned below.

Rivera is available in three sizes: 91 cm, 120 cm, and 150 cm.

Genius System©: Maximum Installation Flexibility with the Mixed Wall-Ceiling System

Talking about mounting solutions that ensure ample maneuvering space during project and installation phases, we must mention the Edoné Genius System©.

With the Edoné Genius System©, the power outlet is housed behind the mirror, and thanks to an elegant mounting system, the light fixture can be positioned with absolute freedom at the desired point and height. This simple consideration allows for incredible project flexibility, giving ceiling light points an unusual freedom of improvisation. A true lifesaver, for example, in renovation situations or project changes after the plan has already been filed.

Designed to meet both stylistic and functional needs, this system is perfect when flexible solutions are sought to best enhance lighting design, which is essential for creating that atmosphere of relaxation and well-being that — in our vision — every bathroom environment should provide.

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