Bathtub: The Pleasure of Slow Wellness in an Enveloping Space

Volumes, colors, and customizations: as autumn approaches, the desire for bathroom spaces that provide warmth, comfort, and relaxed moments returns.

Publication date: 25 Sep 2023
Topic: Inspirations

September is the month when, like it or not, we gradually put away the long summer days, reopen the drawer of blankets, and return to all those little things that bring us well-being within the walls of our home. Despite showers being one of our favourite lifesavers during the hot months, the pleasant and super-enveloping image of ending the day with a nice hot bath resurfaces.

Always an iconic image of pure relaxation to be enjoyed in the privacy of one's home, the bathtub enhances and gives personality to the bathroom space. In a lifestyle that has become increasingly hectic, choosing to have a bathtub becomes almost a status symbol. The luxury of an intimate and enveloping space where you can shut out the rest of the world and take the time for your own well-being. But how to choose the perfect bathtub for your project?

Looking for an Integrated Look? Focus on Colour

The bathtub, especially in modern freestanding solutions, remains one of the most desired design elements, giving style and strong personality to the bathroom environment. Here, as in any other space where you want to convey a comprehensive project, a precise mood, the ability to focus on detail becomes the plus that makes a real difference. For this reason – and thinking about the freedom of expression that furniture professionals seek – Edoné's bathtub offerings pay particular attention to colour solutions and the possibility of customising combinations.

Coordinated Colour Inside and Outside

A highly impactful style choice where the absolute protagonist is the continuity of colour, which appears continuous, without interruption, on both the outer and inner surfaces. This solution is available for the Ray and Mini-Ray, Star and Mini-Star, and Space models, in the entire range of Edoné matte colours, as well as in Stonematt and Stonelight solutions.

Total White

Classic, timeless, capable of marrying very different styles and environments, total white is the essence of the ÛV model.

Ancestral in its simplicity, UV is available in the matte white of Stonematt or the glossy version of Stonelight.

Bicolour Continuity

If the effect you are looking for is a chromatic continuity involving all the bathroom furniture elements – top, cabinet, sanitary ware, shower trays – you can request all our bathtubs (except UV) with a white interior finish (Stonematt or Stonelight) and the exterior in the same finish as the furniture, top, or sanitary cover.

And the Bathtub in a Small Bathroom? It’s Possible: Discover Space 155 and Mini-Ray

A small bathroom does not necessarily mean giving up the dream of having a bathtub; it just requires more attention in space planning and choosing the right bathtub. It is precisely with this specific need in mind that Edoné offers the Space and Mini-Ray models in its catalogue. No compromise on style and design, with the possibility of customising the colour finish (total for Mini-Ray, exterior for Space).

Does Your Bathroom Have Significant Space? Enhance and Personalise It to the Maximum with Book

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a bathtub capable of characterising a large space and offering you various installation solutions and different materials for the external finish, Book is the ideal bathtub to fully support your creativity.

Available with an internal finish in Stonematt and Stonelight, it lends itself to all installation solutions thanks to the external panelling. It can be placed in the centre of the room or against a wall (single, double, or niche), choosing a fully exposed, semi-recessed, or flush floor installation. You can also request customisation of the upper surface dimensions. Finally, but certainly not least, the external panels can be requested in all Edoné Matte Lacquered MDF finishes, in Thermotreated and Natural Wood finishes, in Warm by Kerakoll, and in the exclusive Grit Bio Resin finish.

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