Coordinated Accessories for a Truly Defined Total Bathroom Look

A unique thread, extending even to accessories, to imprint an unmistakable style and bring order and elegance to every bathroom project

Publication date: 6 Nov 2023
Topic: Inspirations

Our preference for proposals capable of dressing the entire bathroom environment certainly couldn't overlook the realm of accessories. Attention to detail and the vast possibility of customisation have always been at the heart of our design philosophy. As is often said, it’s the details that make the difference, and we, having embraced this awareness, have applied the same customisation concepts to accessories that distinguish us in every aspect of our offerings.

A coordinated look stems from details of colour, materials, and style

Colour, materials, and style: these are the three directives around which we have designed Edoné’s bathroom accessory proposals. 

Depending on the project's character and needs, sometimes it may be enough to simply intervene with colour, while in other cases, it becomes crucial to emphasise the continuity effect by considering a specific combination of materials and different finishes, to consolidate the essence of the overall style being sought.

What matters, in any case, is having a range of choices designed to create a harmonious dialogue between materials, colours, and the mood of the space being personalised.

Piega Series – Pure Metal and Colour Customisation

Piega is our monomaterial proposal, in which all accessories are made of metal. Bold, decisive lines, yet at the same time discreet, Piega plays its personality entirely on its unmistakable design and the nuances of its character on the customisation of the finish colour. 

For every element of the Piega series, colour customisation is available in the entire range of Edoné Matt Lacquers and in the exclusive finishes of the Rea collection: Gold, Rose, Champagne, Asphalt, and Diamond.

Filo Series – Multimaterial Essentiality or Just Metal

Light, almost ethereal in the support elements; bold, full, and structured in the containment and support parts. This is the character of the Filo series, which unites, in an essential design, this double personality that continues to reveal itself in the customisation possibilities of the elements.

Filo, in fact, can be chosen in the all-metal version (customisable in the entire Edoné Matt Lacquer colour range and in the exclusive Rea metal finishes), or in the multimaterial version. In the multimaterial version, Filo allows the customisation of the metal part and the use, for the support surfaces, of the entire range of materials and finishes of the Edoné collections' fronts. This touch allows, with a simple precaution, to significantly amplify that custom-made effect that brings the pleasure of moving in a space perceived as truly unique.

During the study and design phase, we dedicated great care to imagining lines of accessories that had character but were at the same time capable of adapting to harmoniously dialogue with the entire spectrum of collections and materials we offer. Bringing elegance to accessories through colour or the pleasure of the touch of a specific material is not an empty exercise but an extra detail of attention that enhances the pleasure of fully recognising oneself in a space.

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