Discover Edoné’s Production Spaces: Here, Where Magic Takes Shape

After telling you about the part of our headquarters dedicated to public relations, now we take you to the heart of production, where you can see firsthand if the declared values match the facts

Publication date: 13 Mar 2024
Topic: Corporate

In this piece, we invite you on a journey where man and machine, craftsmanship and technology coexist. A narrative perspective that, today, may seem suspended between two worlds, but which we preserve with clarity and awareness, as it is the foundational trait of our identity. 

Edoné is the harmony that arises from valuing the best of these two worlds. As you walk through the pedestrian paths within our production site, you can see how one of our mirrors takes shape, encounter the first draft of a new piece of furniture held together by clamps, much like pins for a fashion atelier’s pattern. On one side, notes and measurements are hand-marked on a bright red panel, and right next to it, the red laser of CNC machines, to which we delegate the processes of repetitive precision.

In our vision, technology is primarily a tool to raise safety standards and facilitate workflow as much as possible, thus preserving our human capital's skills to dedicate them to those artisanal customisation details that are fundamental to our brand's identity and which we deliberately choose not to delegate to machines.

Transfer of Know-How

Proper staff training is essential for the success of any company, and even more so, the transfer of know-how assumes a fundamental role – to preserve and enhance traditional skills – in a context where the value of craftsmanship is central.

Sharing knowledge between master craftsmen and apprentices not only ensures the preservation of unique and specialised techniques but also forms the irreplaceable foundation for developing the skills necessary to maintain the quality and authenticity of a product's artisanal features. This process is a fundamental part of our company heritage and is strategic for creating our added value, based on the ability to integrate new technologies, new materials, and those identity traits that significantly characterise our brand in the ever-crowded global market.

Machinery and Standardisation

We are well aware of the advantages of automation and process standardisation, which is why we have organised our production process to integrate solutions that optimise efficient management of time and resources at all stages functional to our objectives.

We manage every phase of our collections' creation internally, from selecting the panel to shipping. At the start of the process, we use an automated warehouse picking system and CNC machines for all standardised customisation and processing phases. This allows us to optimise space, increase operational efficiency, improve traceability and visibility of materials, and – not least – reduce long-term operating costs and minimise human error, which also translates into reducing heavy work and risks for our operators in the department.

Manual Skills and Customisation

Our collections are designed to always require a human touch alongside the robotised soul we’ve just described, which is fundamental. Because we enjoy designing them this way. Because it is precisely at this moment that the magic takes shape: in those steps we choose to follow one by one, where the machine’s precision is complemented by personalised management, as in the case of custom-sized productions, combining all the efficiency of standardisation with customisation upon specific request. Like when a major general contractor falls in love with our style but wants a customised product for a new residential centre. Sometimes we choose this approach for the sheer pleasure of it, as in the case of Crio, which we create by assembling the perimeter first and only then hand-painting the mounted frame. This is the part of our identity entirely dedicated to the quality of artisanal memory, the trait that – to recall the comparison made at the beginning – distinguishes prêt-à-porter fashion from haute couture.

In this realm, one of the most fascinating steps during company visits is undoubtedly the hand sanding. It enchants with the unique connection between the artisan and the material, the way our operators sense the variations and peculiarities of the wood by touch in each piece, adjusting pressure, speed, and the duration of the passes accordingly. Grain patterns, knots, and special marks are treated one by one in a specific way, enhancing each piece’s uniqueness in a way machines can never replicate. A step that requires time and expertise, but which those who choose Edoné appreciate because they recognise the value of a truly handmade finish.

Man or Machine: It Depends on the Project

Choosing the best from both worlds, without excluding anything: this is the common thread that identifies our production policy. As you progress through the paths in our department, one of the points where it is very easy to see this is the moment of painting. We always start with non-toxic, certified water-based paints – because the pursuit of quality in results and life is transversal in our vision – but from this point, you can follow two different journeys. Be captivated by the clean, millimetric, and uniform movements of the mechanical painting arms, or follow the knowledgeable, sometimes more intense, sometimes softer motion of the hand-wiping, where the interaction between the wood and our artisans’ eyes sets the process’s rhythm. The fascinating thing about this happy dichotomy is that, in the end, the quality of the result remains the protagonist, with no superior or inferior products, just carefully detailed ones, each in its specific sphere.

Customisation, Through and Through

From panel selection to shipping, as we mentioned at the beginning, we take care of every step internally, from raw material to your spaces. A selection and processing process attentive to safety, sustainability, and waste reduction, which we practice up to the packaging. An important aspect in this regard, which also positively impacts those who receive the packaging, is having a carton maker that allows us to produce custom packaging just in time, zero polystyrene, and a path charted to achieve a totally biodegradable solution.

From this point on, our experience, passion, interpretation of style, and way of experiencing the bathroom move into your hands and lives. They are just furniture, they are just complements, but they also carry a bit of our story and that of the women and men who put their professionalism behind the workstations every day. They are just furniture, but they carry this story, which speaks of two worlds that still know how to interact, for the pleasure of creating harmonious furnishings. This too.

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