How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom?

Tell Me Your Style, I'll Tell You What Mirror You Are. Is the Right Mirror Chosen Based on Design Rules or the Style of Those Who Use the Bathroom?

Publication date: 23 Nov 2022
Topic: Inspirations

It multiplies the light, expands the spaces, adds brightness, and provides deeper perspectives. Extra-large, single, double, square, irregular, with or without a frame: the perfect mirror for your bathroom undoubtedly exists. You just need to know how to choose it. The main rule is always one: look for a solution that aligns with the personality of the environment you are creating. There is no universally right mirror, but there is the perfect mirror for the space of your dreams. The second, very important rule: ask yourself if it fits the way you want to live your relaxation space, pay great attention to the aesthetic and scenic result, but never lose sight of functionality.

Organising Spaces: Is the Storage Mirror Still Modern?

For instance, if you love personal care rituals, enjoy having numerous products, and consider spending time with masks and treatments one of the best parts of your day, if you seek the convenience of having the right product at hand for last-minute touch-ups but don't want to sacrifice order, then storage space is the key phrase for the right mirror for you.

You can choose a modern line, like this 45° perimeter storage mirror, which combines the convenience of storage space with clean, essential lines and integrated lighting. Like all Edoné proposals, it is highly customisable, even in the finishes of the internal spaces. We particularly love it in both the elegant open compartment solution and its full mirror version.

In the REA009 composition: 45° perimeter storage mirror with three doors, open compartment, Rea cabinet in Cumin-stained Chestnut with Diamond White finish frame, extra-clear sandblasted Diamond glass top with integrated washbasin. In the background, West tub in Stonematt, and in the foreground, Nature series table.

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Light That Adds Character and Transforms Depth

Light is, among all the elements that give personality to furniture, the most (apparently) intangible. Yet it plays a fundamental role, both practically and in creating the right atmosphere. A poorly lit mirror is certainly not the best ally for taking care of your appearance. Therefore, proper bathroom lighting starts with the mirror. For example, among the mirrors offered by Edoné, there is this storage mirror with an aluminium perimeter and integrated front light strip. Elegant and lightweight, with its reduced thickness, it features a convenient and functional open compartment that can also be backlit. Customisable in the entire Edoné lacquered colour range.

In the CRI008 composition: three-door storage mirror with lacquered light strip and backlit opal white glass open compartment, Crio monobloc with drawer and Talpa lacquered open compartment, Eterea console with 35° cut, Ray tub in Stonematt, Wheel floor mixer with showerhead for tub and Piega series rectangular table.

The back of the open compartment can be made of backlit opal white glass. It is also possible to insert a mirror on the inside of the door.

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If you have a more minimalist style and do not need much space for storing bathroom products but want a mirror that highlights the light, the Frame mirror with LED could be ideal for you. The essential metal structure acts as a backlit frame for the mirror and, at the same time, offers a convenient open shelf space. The back is customisable in a wide range of finishes.

In the CHR4009 composition: Frame mirror with LED, Globe lamp, Chrono44 suspended bases lacquered in Matte Pavone, and Rea columns with Fumé Mirror finish door.

Flush and Essential Mirror: Frame or No Frame?

Finally, if the essential is your comfort zone and removing elements brings you serenity, Filo could be the mirror for you. We started from the storage mirror, but since the main rule remains "find a mirror that embodies your style," we also mention those who love the mirror more than the frame. Clean, simple, but equipped with a Bluetooth audio system. All that remains is to choose the finish from wood veneers or the versatile Edoné colour palette and mirror yourself with satisfaction.

In the GIU9053 composition: Filo mirror with Bluetooth audio system, Giunone cabinet, Tiziano Brill handle, Cemento Perla veneered fronts, and open compartment in Matte Nettuno lacquer, Stone Nettuno top.

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And if a wooden framed mirror without storage excites you, we also present this Tonda mirror with a frame, available in diameters of 70, 100, 115, and now even 150 cm, with the option of a backlit LED mirror. Here, the world of the circle opens up, but that is a story for another time.

In the CRI009 composition: Tonda mirror with frame, Crio monobloc with double drawer front, paired with Crio monobloc with open compartment.

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