Light and dark contrasts in the hills of Franciacorta

A villa to be revalorised and the request to create spaces with great personality and functionality, in which to enjoy the aesthetic without losing sight of the practical.

Publication date: 29 Jan 2024
Topic: Inspirations

We are in the beautiful area of Franciacorta, with a restyling project for a villa spread over three floors and a charming garden with swimming pool. The client's request was to create a mood that was classy but, at the same time, modern and very functional in terms of its usability. Essential lines, quality materials and an ambience personality brought out by playing on the contrast between the light colours used for the wrapping and the dark, decisive tones chosen for the various furniture. Last but not least, the urgency of having the guarantee of solutions capable of lasting over time and not too delicate, given the presence of both domestic animals and a child. The key word, therefore, is no tinsel, lots of character and durability, without sacrificing style and Instagrammability.

A project by Del Bello Interior

Del Bello Interior specialises in offering a turnkey service for the design and realisation of furnishing solutions for private residences, contract spaces and hotels. Del Bello Interior's integrated approach covers every phase of the project, from concept to furniture supply. Del Bello Interior projects are characterised by their simplicity and elegance, and by the pursuit of traits of craftsmanship. Focal, in Del Bello's philosophy, is the attention to detail and the harmony of the elements, combined with a stylistic and product quality that is destined to maintain its charm over time.

A chat about Edoné with Luca Del Bello, Del Bello Interior

Of the various solutions on the market, what made you prefer Edoné products?
Given the very specific requirements, in terms of both colour and quality of materials, that this project brought with it, the wide range of customisation solutions and possibilities that Edoné makes available was once again crucial. This may seem obvious or trivial, but it is not. When the customer has to make the final choice, especially when he has - as in this case - a very clear idea of his expectations, it is not so guaranteed to find the perfect combination of material, tone, design variables in every company's catalogue.

Was there a specific need for which the great customisation possibilities of Edoné were strategic and useful at the time of the project?
Certainly, and specifically, it was the moment when we had to define the furniture for the bathroom in the tower, a bathroom destined in time to probably become the son's use, but momentarily secondary. The need was to have an eye-catcher in line with the taste and style of the rest of the furnishings, a piece of furniture that was functional, but with a careful choice of budget. Taking all this into account, we opted for a Giunone structure, but with an Rovere finish, resulting in a smart solution that enabled us to meet all the customer's expectations.

What is your favourite feature of the Edoné solutions you have used?
In this project, in addition to the part related more strictly to furniture, it was really important for us to have the entire accessory’s part that Edoné makes available. In particular, we used solutions relating to shelves and mirrors. The round illuminated backlit mirrors we chose allowed us to give continuity, even in the bathroom, to that play of a 'soft' complement as opposed to the severity of the dark colours and the sharp, square lines of the furniture, which characterises all the rooms in the house.

How did you get to know our Brand?
An agent introduced us many years ago, we trusted him and went to learn more about the company's offer and policy. Since then, we have created a deep bond of trust and collaboration that has never waned, also thanks to the presence of solutions in line with our needs, and which has never failed in terms of technical service and support.


Studio name: Del Bello Interior
Type of project: private residence
Location: Franciacorta, Lombardy - Italy
Photo credits: Luca Argenton


Bathroom 1
EOS glossy lacquered Camoscio cabinet
Emperador marble finish top
LED Arredo Mirror with aluminium frame

Bathroom 2
GIUNONE cabinet and top matching Lava Melamine finish
LED mirror ø 105
Camoscio lacquered aluminium shelf

Bathroom 3
Cabinet mod. EOS in Castagno tinto fuliggine finish
Emperador marble
finish top
LED Arredo Mirror with aluminium frame

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