Rea: Aluminium in Five Finishes for Infinite Style Variations

Distinctive, REA takes shape around the aluminium frame, designed by Edoné

Publication date: 27 Feb 2024
Topic: Products

When it comes to bathroom furnishing, every detail matters for those who take on the challenge of creating a functional space with an unmistakable aesthetic character. Among the design elements that undoubtedly define the style of a piece of furniture immediately are the handle grips. Thought of in the abstract, they may seem like a small detail, yet their connotation can dramatically change the look of a space.

It is by playing on this concept that we have developed the personality of Rea: we started with the classic idea of an integrated handle and translated it from the door to the frame, which, in the Rea collection, becomes the central and characterising element, both aesthetically and functionally.

5 Frame Finishes, Infinite Cabinet Combinations

Super clean fronts, set within the frame's boundary, create an almost monolithic final aesthetic, where the only elements that stand out are the metallic perimeters, which simultaneously serve as handle grips, structural supports, and decorative features.

The frame is available in five elegant finishes: Asphalt, Diamond, Champagne, Rosé, and Gold, to be combined with front panels in either tone-on-tone or contrasting solutions. Its ultra-minimal profile, with extraordinary aesthetic results, becomes the perfect frame to house finish and material panels chosen from the extensive catalogue.

From Seamless Total Look to the Light Elegance of Glass

Every part of a furnishing solution designed with the Rea collection cabinets can be personalised for continuity or contrast. Both total look solutions, where the front, side, and top are made in the same finish and material, and those played on a continuity of colour tones but with different materials work equally effectively. This extends to solutions featuring transparent glass fronts.

With Rea, the only limit is the ability to imagine combined materials and colours on fronts, backs, and tops. A truly ultra-versatile concept, where the only fixed element is the super chic frame solution, designed precisely to support functionality without limiting creativity.

Elegance to Develop Vertically as Well

The frame that constitutes the structure of REA is also perfectly suited for vertical use, both for column solutions and for creating bases and wall units.

The versatile design of Rea thus becomes an all-round solution for furnishing the entire bathroom space. It is in this operation that one can fully enjoy the extreme customisation possibilities offered by this model: based on the fundamental design, we can give infinite interpretations of colour and material combinations, achieving an enveloping project continuity without ever being repetitive.

Noteworthy is the possibility of using internal lighting points in the furniture and customising the back panels, choices that can be particularly striking, especially in the case of columns or wall units with glass fronts.

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