Tauro: antique inspiration, multi-customisable charm

The new mirror shelf, very popular at the Salone del Mobile 2024, now available in our catalogue

Publication date: 5 Jun 2024
Topic: Products

Tauro Shelf: research, style, details, functionality

Its design is inspired by the taurine horns depicted in the ancient cave paintings of the Lascaux caves, its structure designed to be agile and capable of adapting to different style requirements, its soul is modern, detail-oriented, and combines beauty and efficiency.

In Tauro, the focus on aesthetic narrative is combined with a precise attention to technology and functionality.
The back profile, at only 3 centimeters thick, holds the transformer that powers the LED strip that runs the full length, bringing to the installation both scenic and aesthetic value and a feature of functionality in use. The support surface is large and practical, thanks to the curvature of the front profile as well. It is precisely this that, seen from the side, echoes and stylizes the Lascaux rock markings. Finally, the choice of making it in drawn aluminum allows for great customization of both the dimensions and the placement of any accessory holder cuts, as well as the finish colors.

Accessories and customization, always more central

Tauro is designed to be highly customizable. In fact, its special drawing and ultra-compact system for powering the LED strip allow it to be extremely flexible and available for custom length requests.

In addition, in a total-look perspective and the different usability requirements of the accessory, it is also possible to choose to complete Tauro with convenient storage accessories or to request, with a customised cut, the positioning of the towel holder accessory. 

“When designing Tauro, we tried never to lose sight of both the designer's point of view, with its need for style research, and the more practical requirements related to installation and use”, explains Marco Bortolin, Edoné’s art director.

3 installation modes

Tauro is also distinguished by three different installation proposals. A classic totally wall-mounted fixing, where the shelf expresses its functionality in full autonomy. A mixed fixing, partly on the wall and partly overlapping the mirror, for those cases where the design requirement is to seek an interplay between the elements. Finally, the most scenographic, involves the installation of Tauro as an over-mirror through-line: a continuous thread, crossing planes and materials, without interruptions, maintaining the integrity of its shape and incorporated lighting.


The Tauro shelf and all its accessories can be customised in the entire range of Edoné Matt Lacquer finishes.

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