New Atena collection: top in purity and hollowed effect

Structured on a small-scale modularity, Atena is the revenge of agility over impressiveness, able to go from micro to macro with just a few ingenious design details.

Publication date: 9 Jul 2024
Topic: Products

Telling of the return of a desire for softer lines, fuller profiles and rounded edges is the integrated top, protagonist and heart of Atena, the new Edoné bathroom collection, previewed at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2024.
Embellished with various technical, agile and functional devices, Atena comes to life around the top, which becomes the undisputed protagonist. The storage unit becomes almost an accessory; closed continuously on three sides, elegant but discreet, it stops its profile well below the line of the top, to make it emerge in all its centrality, clear and unmistakable, even at a distance.

Studied in detail is the contrast between the sharp lines and 45-degree joints of the cabinet’s sides and that of the all-blunt, rounded edges of the top. Atena was born with a small basic modularity, but designed to evolve in space. A choice that, once again, emphasizes Edoné’s peculiar ability to play with modularity, which in the Atena bathroom project is pushed to the next level.

From small bathroom to impressive room: with Atena it’s a simple game of details

Structured on a basic modularity of reduced size, Atena is the revenge of agility over impressiveness.It is the evolution of a design module into a bathroom system, thanks to a few effective shrewdness’s at the design stage.

Joining elements

Strategic and functional, they are an integral part of the character of this new collection and allow the Atena bathroom concept to be customized in a functional and elegant way.
Thanks to the use of these elements, Atena can switch with a simple gesture from a single cabinet, perfect for bathrooms of small dimensions, to a scenic double sink installation.
Coordinated by finish with shelves and accessories, they become convenient storage spaces or, in the special version, towel racks.

Sink hollowed out effect from solid

Integral part of the top, the absolute protagonist of this collection, the sink marries and deepens that concept of rounded lines and rich volumes sought in the outer perimeter of the Atena top. The capacious basin, it seems to be hollowed out, level by level, as if from a solid block. The drainage point is left as a simple visible gap, the only sign of vertical discontinuity on the soft-line profile.
The position of the sink is customizable to the right, left or in the middle.

From cabinet to console: functional design to every style

In the opening we defined, not surprisingly, the integrated top Atena as the heart of this new collection proposed by Edoné Combined with the sharp corners and joints of the Atena cabinet, it emphasizes the fullness and roundness characters of its profiles, yet it was designed and made to be perfectly capable of holding its own even when installed in its “nude” version. The care taken with the profiles and the completeness of the design make this integrated top a self-contained piece of furniture in its own right. Extracted from the storage cabinet, what results is a console table with minimalist features, capable of integrating with a wide variety of furnishing situations, in which the possibility of applying joining elements between one sink top and the other and the consequent ability to be perfect in any square footage remains intact.

Atena’s furniture finishes

Furniture from the Atena collection is available in all the Veneered, Essence and Matt Lacquer finishes in the Edoné range.

Atena’s inegrated sink finishes

The Atena integrated top is available in Stonematt (matte white, smooth), Stonecolor (customizable in the entire Edoné matte color range) and Grit Stone (smooth to the touch, features a textural weave effect to the eye) finishes.

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