The New Minerva Collection

Modular and Customisable Laundry Room, Pure Expression of Edoné's Style and Design

Publication date: 1 Mar 2021
Topic: Products

Modular and Unconventional Solutions

The MINERVA collection was born from the challenge of reimagining a typical utility space like the laundry room with method and style, creating a balanced mix of elegance and practicality. It evolves the idea of the home laundry room through modular solutions that maximize the available square meters, developing both horizontally and vertically. With side-mounted constructions, floor or wall-mounted elements, and tall columns reaching up to 218/254 cm in height, MINERVA offers versatile options.

Versatile Ideas for All Spaces

The modular and customisable solutions offered by the new MINERVA collection allow for the design of home laundry rooms suitable for spaces of all sizes. Most importantly, they ensure maximum capacity without sacrificing comfort and functionality. A whole range of effective solutions designed to create projects suitable for different floor areas.

A Sequence of Logical and Elegant Ideas

Coherence, efficiency, and style are the three pillars of MINERVA: all elements can be freely combined and seamlessly integrated to optimise workflow and ensure maximum freedom of movement within the chosen room, regardless of its size and structural peculiarities.

Accessories and Solutions for Every Project

Details make the difference, even in the case of MINERVA. Therefore, we have focused on numerous different proposals designed to perfect any home laundry project: such as perforated doors with access to hidden laundry baskets, rubber mats, a child-proof medicine cabinet, and more.

Discover the new MINERVA collection now by clicking here!

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