Calipso: From Right Angle to Semicircle, a Continuous Groove to Emphasise the Relationship Between Surfaces

Calipso is one of the two new Edoné collections for 2023. Its distinctive feature is the groove that runs continuously along three sides of the furniture, guiding the eye and shaping the perception of the surfaces.

Publication date: 19 May 2023
Topic: Products

Thanks to this stylistic choice, the top stands out and defines itself, emphasizing the perception of its profiles. Below, the solid volumes of the storage units complete it in contrast, appearing as a continuous surface due to the particular finishes suggested for this collection. The opening lines of the various parts almost disappear, intuitively bringing the focus back to the groove, the key to accessing the internal spaces.

Curved Lines and Dialogue Between Surfaces: The Perfect Movement of Calipso Circular

In this composition, the continuous groove, which runs along the entire side of the furniture, remains Calipso's distinctive feature, even in the version with a semicircular side. It’s not just a rounded piece of furniture but a true elliptical perimeter.

The completed circle shape is the absolute protagonist of this interpretation of Calipso: it integrates the two Olimpia 45 washbasins and is divided into two perfect halves, spaced apart by the sides within the volume of the storage unit. The perimeter lines flow and chase each other naturally, creating an elegant dialogue between horizontal elements and the wall, perfectly harmonizing with the vertical lines of the Venetian texture finish of the storage unit.

Focus Finish: Venetian Texture

Venetian is a solid chestnut finish, pressed to achieve a texture that reproduces the interplay of solids and voids, typical of the famous shading system. Available in all shades of Stained Chestnut and all matte finishes in the Edoné range.

Deconstructing and Emphasising: The Sharp Lines of Calipso Squared

This composition deconstructs and redistributes the elements, emphasizing each individual component. The interplay of lines created by the interaction of different elements is interesting and refined.

The protagonist is the top in Grit Resina Bio with the Olimpia 65 countertop washbasin in the same finish, which brings a soft element to the composition with its rounded line. The Tablò mirror, also placed on the countertop, is clean and linear in shape, doubling as a towel holder. Finally, the ultra-minimal Rivera lamp, with its horizontal development, picks up and emphasizes the lines of the top, the groove, and the storage unit.

Focus Finish: Eucalyptus and Grit Resina Bio

Eucalyptus: a new wood essence, with an intense vertical grain, alternating warm honey tones, rich browns, and streaks in grey-green tones.

Grit Resina Bio: a new, highly green finish, composed of the combination of natural polymers – like quartz and marble – with totally eco-compatible pigments and resins.

Colour on Colour: Edoné’s Integrated Looks Also Available for Calipso

We maintain the possibility of coordinating the colour of furniture, top, and washbasin for the Calipso collection as well. If coordinated chromatic schemes excite you, you can choose one of the available shades in Lacquered finishes and create the top and washbasin in the corresponding Stone Colour shade.

Alternatively, you can combine a natural wood finish for the furniture with a tone-on-tone for the groove, top, and washbasin. And why not, also coordinate the bathtub and shower tray.

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