No Sharp Edges, Lots of Character: Edoné’s New Curved Line Bathroom Sinks

New design, new materials, and the timeless elegance: the 2023 innovations for those seeking a sink with soft lines and great personality

Publication date: 26 Jan 2023
Topic: Products

Olimpia is the new Edoné sink model that embodies and interprets the suggestive power of the circular shape, offered in the pure and essential round variant or the oval version.

In both cases, the design starts from the idea of creating a bathroom fixture that revisits and reinterprets the ancestral shape of the circle, with all the symbolic universe it evokes.

A clean line, where the beginning and end of the shape chase and blend into each other. A play of continuity combined with the choice to leave visible internal grooves that echo the markings used as guides in carving marble and stones. The result is a countertop sink that gives the impression of a hollowed-out body from a solid block, conceptually leaving the work traces visible, emphasizing the value of artisanal techniques.

Continuous Lines That Chase Each Other: Olimpia Paired with Curved Line Furniture

It is the total exaltation of the circular form, a play of sinuous lines that rest and amplify each other, level by level. Yet nothing is unbalanced, nothing appears redundant. It is Edoné’s ability to emphasize a concept in every detail, without ever losing that refined and balanced taste, which is our distinctive trait.

Balance and Contrast: Olimpia Paired with Squared Profiles

The Olimpia sink is also perfect when paired, by contrast, with bathroom furniture featuring sharp and square shapes or finishes that emphasize the interplay of straight lines. The soft profile and perimeter of the sink excellently counterbalance furnishing solutions seeking a symphony of lines and focal points that harmonize different inputs.

Olimpia Sink in Brand New Finishes (2023 News)

Designed to accompany the new Hexis and Calipso collections, the Olimpia sink was originally conceived to be made in two brand new materials, now available in the catalogue.

Grit Resina Bio

A new, highly eco-friendly finish, composed of natural polymers – such as quartz and marble – with totally eco-compatible pigments and resins. It offers good resistance to impacts and abrasions, allowing you to enjoy the surfaces where it is used with peace of mind.

Grit Stone

A new solid surface finish, smooth to the touch, with a visible texture of variously sized aggregates that result in a granite effect. It is high-performing, heat and chemical-resistant, with excellent durability. Easy to clean and aesthetically striking, it is available in Anthracite and Sand colours.

Or in Classic Finishes

The Olimpia sink is available in more classic finishes from the Edoné catalogue: Stonematt, Stonelight, Stone Color matte colour range, and the Warm by Kerakoll colour selection.

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